• Swim is a motion graphics studio and creative collective founded in 2017. We work in various fields such as advertising, music video, 3D, 2D, animation, performance video, and graphic design, focusing on motion graphics.

  • Swimmers don't just stay within motion graphics as each of them also enjoy working on their own creative work. By projects planned with subjects that each of the members enjoy, we focus on creating enjoyable and interesting outputs by combining and variating different multiple fields.
  • Swim
스윔은 2017년에 만들어진 모션그래픽 스튜디오입니다. 모션그래픽을 중심으로 광고・뮤직비디오・3D・2D・애니메이션・그래픽디자인 등의 다양한 분야에서 활약합니다.

  • Pool
스윔의 멤버들 (swimmers) 은 단지 모션그래픽에 머무르는 것이 아니라, 자신만의 독창적인 작업들을 이어갑니다.
멤버들은 좋아하는 주제로 직접 기획한 프로젝트를 통해 다양한 분야의 조합과 변주를 시도하고 재밌는 결과물을 만듭니다.


Director, Scenic Designer, Concept Artist
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Director, Animator, Sound Designer
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