Welcome to my Baverse


Client : Baverse Studio

Director : Yeji Margo Lee
Assistant Director : Solbi In, Sujeong Kim
Animation Story : Yeji Margo Lee
Story Composition : Koeun Byun, Yeji Margo Lee
Assistant Writer : Youjin Lee

Animation Voice : JP
Music : Yirang Moon

Animation Director : SWIM
Artwork : SWIM

베이버스 스튜디오의 ‘뮤지션 브레인 디깅 다큐멘터리’ {Welcome To My Baverse} 시리즈의 애니메이션 파트를 작업하였습니다.
We worked on the animation part of the 'Musician Brain Digging Documentary' {Welcome To My Baverse} series at Baverse Studio.

Animation Clips